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Description:   Projection is an open source portfolio project management application. It includes modules for financial management, timetracking, bug tracker, test cas management, wiki, risk management, release management. Through an api, you can develop your own module to personalize the solution.

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Laue indexing and monocrystal orientatio Laue indexing and monocrystal orientation software. This is small program written by Mathcad 2001 designed for the stereographic projection of crystal calculation, determination of meredians by stereographic projections, crystal rotations

Mando - Low cost interactive whiteboard Mando is a human computer interface using a camera and a projector. The camera is calibrated against a projection area to determine the position of physical pointer(pen, LED, laser pointer light...) which is then used to virtually move X11 pointer.

Livespaces Livespaces is an operating environment to support advanced meeting spaces. It provides control of room hardware such as lights and video projection, as as well as groupware applications.

OpenSong Java port OpenSongJ is a reimagining of of OpenSong song lyric management and projection software with a focus on increasing the feature set, performance and usability over that of OpenSong. Project song lyrics and custom slides at church gatheringsMaintains compatibility with existing OpenSong filesOvercomes existing OpenSong performance ...

Wahlen Program for election projection and -analysis. You enter partial election results and the program makes a projection for every participated party/election district. GUI in German. Programming Language: Visual Basic 5.0, mainly English. draws colorful chartscharts can be printedcharts' appearance can be editeduses MDI form

Zpx Zpx engine Perl modeling type tool for simple modeling and encoding process, base around notion of a€sMain Line Logica€t flow charting process. The coding style is code it once and never code it again, been working with this tool since 1988. Fun! Compiles / Creates ...

CFD Fluid Collection Computation Fluid Dynamics Source Code CollectionNavier-Stokes equations - Chorin Projection method ( 2D )Lattice Boltzmann method ( 2D , 2 phase )Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics ( 2D , 3D , freesurface )

Hibernate Utility This project is an attempt to solve issues we face while using hibernate.Currently solving these four problems: 1)Updating object delete null data. 2)Projection returns list of object[] instead of pojo. 3)Don't write HQL 4)Paging logic rewrit

IEM-Wind The program is a tool for metheorology. It calculates the wind map and some other products from the two images. The images are geostationary Meteosat in the stereographic projection.

Java map Projection Library (JMPL) The purpose of this library is to support making maps when using the Java programming language. It may also be of some use in understanding the general nature of map projection libraries regardless of the programming language one may be using.

ProjectWatch ProjectWatch is a simple to use application for monitoring time spent on a project at the task/phase level of detail, using Start/Stop and Break buttons. It automaticly creates Timecards associated with a task. Easy setup. Output includes Project summary and task detail; Time Cards; Billing ...

Projectlets Ada projects - for educational purposes. Each is a small project illustrating a particular tool, technique. Ada is the primary language but will touch upon Qt, Networking, Image processing and so on. Ada GUI with Qt - exploringAda GUI with Gtk - exploringgnat libraries - ...

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